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Yeşilçam shadow playing kit packaging design, 2016.

There are two important things in Culture of Turkish which are not so popular today. One of them is shadow playing and the other is Yeşilçam (Turkish cinema). These two things come across in an enjoyable kit. Also it’s a kind of time capsule. Thanks to this kit, children can understand and learn that era while doing it’s enjoyable activities and also adults can realize their old memories.

This kit consist of a simple shadow playing. The difference of the shadow playing which is the part of our culture, the characters of that playing is not Hacivat&Karagöz. It’s Yeşilçam’s characters. That play consist of 3 different films and 3 different dialogs in it. The inspiration of the design came from time capsule. It seems like somebody put it in the ground, and the characters can survive until now thanks to that capsule. That’s why the used material is metal and illustrated a tin can on the box. The used colors in design is also retro.

For memorability, shadow playing character’s illustration used often with it’s retro colors.

Although the name of the logo “Loho” has no meaning in any language, it means “no place like home” in made up language. It refer to old home-living lifestyle. It refer the culture which means the “home of the people in living on it”.

For packaging, metal box preferred because there are something crushable, rupturable, frangible and erodible. Stickers used the top, bottom and 4 sides of the box. If required, it can be using printing methods on metal surface directly instead of stickers. Inside of the box packaging, there is a strafer layer for empty space, cardboard layer for keep the materials and sticker designs for inner packaging. Every material in the box (crayons, mini  watercolor set, glue, had lamp and the scissors) have different packaging designs which is compatible with the whole design.


What they said about "Loho" ?

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