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Cloudy me, cloudy you, cloudy us

I tried many things since 1989 which is the same year of my birth. Some of them are really silly and stupid things. It's been a long time since I've been able to find something beautiful. After I graduated from Mathematics, I put my lecture notes aside which are full of theorems and proofs near my drawings. Following, I met graphic design and dived deep inside of illustrations. In this way, I found myself new lecture notes, new drawings and new shelves. I tried to work in corporate firm and decided it's not my type. And then, tried working as a freelancer but I realized it's the hardest thing in earth is trying to communicate with people. That's why, I chose animals. I'm not joking. Last 1 year, when I'm writing my master thesis which is about "illustrative brand identity design", I tried to communicate just my pets (2 cats, a labrador and occasionally a few injured birds) except my family, boy friend and some close friends. It was great. But when I completed thesis, I decided to do something to cheer up all the people I encountered and I knew they were unhappy in somewhere. Something about dopamine, clouds (what makes me the happiest person) and funny things… That’s why I created my own brand Cloudy Me Design in December 2017 aiming to make people even animals happy with my entertaining illustrative products. As a starting point, I made 12 different illustrations for 12 months. I’ll continue to cheer up cloudy mood people by my daily use products. My slogan is “cloudy me, cloudy you, cloudy us”. Because if I am happy and do the work I love, I can make you happy afterwards.



You can find Cloudy Me Design's products at:

Lunapark Shop, Galata/İstanbul


Halt İstanbul, Galata/İstanbul

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